By Connie Maupin

The Cedar County Historical Society met in the Stockton Museum on Monday, February 25.  Those in attendance were President Judy Nichols, Vice President Judith Cain, Secretary Connie Maupin, Assistant Treasurer Anna Hopkins, Luella Phipps, Sharyl Henry, Valerie Hamby, Chris Barber, Bob Phillips and Ellis Benham.  Also present were visitors Linda Jost, Theresa and Scott Hamby.

The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited.  President Judy Nichols expressed our condolences to member Chris Barber on the loss of his grandmother, Maxine Spencer.

Assistant Treasurer Anna Hopkins presented the January treasurer’s report and the preliminary report for February. Approval of January report was tabled pending clarification.  The February preliminary report was approved as was the January secretary’s report and the Museum Maintenance Fund report.

Bob Phillips’ history lesson was a continuation of his review of the book “History of the Ozarks,” by Brooks Blevins.  He wanted to add that Mr. Blevins attempts to refute the “Hillbilly” image of the Scotch-Irish who immigrated to the area.  They are generally portrayed as being lazy and non-productive but were instead hard working people making the best of their given circumstances.  Again, Bob highly recommends this book to anyone with an interest of Ozarks history.

President Judy Nichols reported that Society membership is now up to 50 and the membership list has been updated.  As discussed in the November meeting, President Nichols has moved the large file cabinet to the research room for easier access to historical records.  She continues filing and updating.

Mo. Department of Transportation is still working on the new Cedar County road map and will inform the Society when it is complete. The Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce has requested a donation for their March 9th. live and silent auction during their annual banquet.  The Society is unable to donate anything suitable at this time.  Society members are invited to attend the banquet.

The Society received the Hoff family files from Mary Jane Hoff, wife of the late Frank Hoff.  Most of the old photos have been placed in an acid free album for safekeeping.  More will be added when time and materials permit.

The annual White Elephant Sale is scheduled for May 11, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Museum.  Donations are appreciated and should to be delivered by April 15th. so that pricing and setup can be accomplished.  All donated items need to be clean and in working order.  No clothing or shoes will be accepted unless they are new in the package or retaining price tags.  For information call Judy at 417-276-1142.

The Missouri State Historic Society is in the final stages of construction on their new building, The Center for Missouri Studies, in Columbia.  They will be closing the Columbia Research Center in mid-April to start moving all of their displays, artifacts and archival materials to the new building.  The grand opening for the new building will be August 10th., the 198th. anniversary of Missouri becoming a state in 1821.  CCHS members are invited to attend.  They have also launched a new demonstration website for the Missouri Encyclopedia, an online reference work planned for publication during the state’s bicentennial in 2021.  It will contain historical articles about the state and is expected to grow as more stories are added.  The State Historical Society is also seeking submissions from every county in the state for a quilt block that will be used to create a patchwork quilt for the 2021 bicentennial.

Claud Hoffman is currently working on his fourth book in the series “The Old Historic Bridges of Missouri.”  President Nichols obtained two flags from the Vernon County Historical Society.  They are replicas of the 1861 Missouri State Guard flag that members served under while under the command of General Sterling Price and Governor Claiborne Jackson.

During the meeting, members received the sad news that member, Howard Sharp, had passed away in Alabama that morning.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

Donations:  Bob Phillips donated two books; “Rising From the Rubble” and “Pioneer Preacher of the Ozarks.”  Glenda Pate donated a book titled, “How To Tape Instant Oral Biographies.”  Mary Jane Hoff donated her late husband’s “Hoff Family” memorabilia and Judy Nichols donated a Civil War era replica flag.

The next meeting will be March 25, 2019, at the Stockton museum, 106 West Davis Street.  Meetings are open to the public.  Free coffee is provided and the museum is wheelchair accessible.  The museum will be open again in April, but exact dates have not been established yet.  For information, to make appointments or purchase of publications call Judy at 417-276-1142.  Contact the Society by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 111, Stockton, MO 65785.