Melinda Gumm, Circuit Clerk of Cedar County, attended the annual conference for Circuit Clerks in Columbia this past week.

The Association is made up of 115 Circuit Clerks throughout the State. It is a great opportunity to address legislative issues that face the clerks on a daily basis and offers a great deal of learning tools.

The Circuit Courts are taking on new technology on a regular basis and the training that is offered by the State Courts Administrator’s Office is introduced at the conference.

There are 34 Circuit Clerks retiring this year. With those 34 retirees will go 750 years of experience which will be a huge impact to our Association and to the State of Missouri. That many years cannot be replaced and will be a long learning curve for many courts.

There was a silent auction held in which the President of the Association chooses a charity each year to contribute the funds to. This year the Association gave $1500 to the Children’s Hospital in Columbia.

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