The El Dorado Springs City Council met in regular session at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21, in City Hall.

Members present were Mayor Brad True, Mayor Pro Tem Randy Bland and Council Members Nick Bland and Jim Luster. Personnel present were Bruce Rogers, City Manager, and Kandi Baldwin, City Clerk.

Rogers presented the check register in reports and written communications.

Mary and Don Martin, 33645 175 Rd, were present during the public forum. They are with the Community Soup Kitchen. Mary stated they feed about 50-75 families per week. Martin was wanting to know if the cold weather rule applies to our town. Rogers stated that it does not apply to our municipality. Martin was wondering if there is a solution to help families with deposits for utilities and back bills. Rogers asked if the families are taking advantage of West Central or the Ministerial Alliance for help. Martin asked if there was a payment plan to help get deposits set up, and Rogers stated that there are over $100,000 owed in past due bills at this time. Martin was wanting to know if there are other resources they can look at. Gayman want to know if they can help raise money. Martin said they could help more if the deposits weren’t so high. Martin stated that there are as many as 5-6 families staying in houses without electricity. Luster wanted to know if there was that many people in the City that did not have electricity, and Martin responded with, yes. They rely on community donations. True said there is no easy solution. R Bland suggested Martin get hold of State Representative Warren Love or Sandy Crawford, State Senator based out of Buffalo.

Madlynne Carothers, 917 N. High Tr, was also present during public forum. Carothers would like to see more transparency on her utility bill. She stated that there is too much water usage and no way one person can use that much water. Carothers did admit that her faucet dripped. Rogers asked her if she was talking about her two accounts, and Carothers stated just the one with water on it. Carothers said that there is money owed back to her and wants to figure out how the water is figured. Rogers went over the water and electric printouts with her and found that she had overpaid on one bill and that is why there was a credit to her account, not that she was overcharged.

The council took up consideration of a resolution approving a contract between the city and A. T. Urban Development of Phase 2 of the sidewalk improvement project.

Rogers stated A.T. Urban was the low bidder for the Sidewalk Phase 2. MoDot has drafted a contract, and have also approved. The bonding company has been verified with the State. Rogers added that there were 15 easements to obtain from property owners both permanent and temporary, causing this project take longer.

R Bland asked if there was going to be a pedestrian stoplight at the intersection of Hwys. 54 and 32. Rogers answered yes.

True read the contract resolution. On a motion by N Bland, seconded by Luster, the Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution.

During the City Manager report, Rogers mentioned the 54 Cruisers car club has requested that Main and Spring Streets be used for their annual car show. The car show will be May 11, 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Rogers stated that they have asked the City to provide the barricades as they do every year. Rogers also mentioned that they usually have a pancake feed at the Museum that morning.

On a motion by True, seconded by R Bland, the Council voted unanimously to approve the use of Main and Spring Streets for the car show.

Rogers informed the Council a study of the electric distribution system had been completed by the Missouri Public Utility Alliance. The study showed that the system needed some existing capacitors moved and some new ones added. The cost is $18,000. The City would purchase them and would be reimbursed that amount.

Rogers stated that MPOA has an account for the City with an $84,000 balance. MPOA must approve the project before the money is spent. The money is intended to be used for projects that increase the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Rogers mentioned the City will purchase a backhoe through the financing package that is already in place. The backhoe will be purchased from existing state cooperative bid contracts.

Rogers stated there was a basketball tournament held at the Community Center this past weekend and went over the financials and the net profit was up over last year, from $4800 to $5200. Rogers mentioned that Walt Anderson will hold another tournament in February.

Rogers informed the Council of the pre-construction meeting that will be held for the Phase 2 Sidewalk project, on at 2 p.m. Wednesday, January 30 in City Hall.

Rogers presented the Council with 2018 year end reports for both the Fire Department and Police Department. The reports also included prior year annual totals for comparison.

Rogers stated the auditors are still working with the audit and no date yet of when that will be completed.

During the Mayor/Council report, True commented the Financial Officer that was just hired for Kaysinger Basin has taken a job elsewhere and they are currently looking for a director. True said they have taken resumes and with the Government shutdown, they can’t hire anyone at this time. There is only funding available for a couple more weeks and then it will be shut down.

Luster wanted to know the status of the property at Broadway and East Park on the North side, Roger stated Aaron Smith did the paperwork and is waiting on the insurance. Luster said it’s an eye sore. R Bland then asked about the properties at Kirkpatrick and Lafayette and Joe Davis and Park. Rogers said he hasn’t talked to Chance Cyr about those properties, but will get with Chief Schiereck.