FFA IN CHRISTMAS PARADE – The El Dorado Springs FFA chapter had a float in the El Dorado Springs Christmas parade on Nov. 18. This year’s theme was thankful for… The FFA float’s theme was Thankful for Farming. There were a group of kids who worked and built the float all week. On the float were some crops that were grown by farmers around town, a combine made out of cardboard boxes, then a tractor and wagon to haul the crops to the bins, then there was a table of FFA members enjoying the food that was produced by farmers. The FFA wanted to show the whole process of getting the food from the field to the table. None of these steps could be done without farming. We are thankful for farmers. The El Dorado Springs FFA Chapter had a great time riding in the Christmas Parade.

Those who rode the float were Cheyenne Lame, Madison Whitaker, Chance Koger, Makenzie Melton, Levi Smith, Cody Jones, Chance Bettis, Wraith Leyva, Brady Hedrick, David Templin, Roland Applebee, Christin Brooks, Alandah Wynes, Eric Reagan, Bryce Wosoba and Kadin Saderstrom.