Byron Hamilton resigned from his District 2 position on the Cedar County Ambulance District board as of the end of the Monday, May 15, meeting in the El Dorado Springs ambulance barn. Chairman John Wilson said he would review any applicants before the next meeting June 19. District 2 runs east from Main Street in El Dorado Springs to about Cedar Springs and south to Hwy. U. Contact Cedar County Clerk Peggy Kenney for more info.

There is still a board vacancy in District 1 which runs from Main St. west to the Vernon County Line and north to the St. Clair County Line and  south to Hwy. U.

The board announced it will hold an open house two hours prior to the next meeting on June 19 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Go to the Stockton  Ambulance Barn.

Board members present were Kenny Turner, Hamilton, Nadine Sinclair, Keith Kosko and John Wilson – presiding.

In her financial report, Kalena Kenney Bruce said that sales tax revenue was down about $9,000 for the month.

Tom Ryan gave his manager’s report with no anomalies noted.

In correspondence, Arlo Rupke, Cedar County Emergency Management Director, sent an official proposal for the unused base radio and frequency. The board voted to mark the radio and frequency as surplus and allow Rupke to purchase them for $1.

The board voted to mark all the hand held radios as surplus and sell them in bulk to Arlo Rupke for $1 to distribute to emergency personnel in the county.

Wilson announce the company took four sample borings and “everything was good.” Contingent on that result the district has a contract to purchase a one-acre lot in Stockton on the west side of Hwy. 39 between the Baptist Church and Englewood Drive to close on June 1. Then the selling price will be announced, Wilson said.

The board took up the matter of the district paying sheriffs/ambulance dispatchers an extra $1 per hour.

Wilson announced that the district’s attorney, Frank Foster, said they can’t do that because there is no contract with the dispatchers from the district.

Hamilton told the CMH representative, Neal Taylor, “Between this board and you people, we need to figure a way to pay dispatchers more.’

Taylor said, “I have a couple of ideas. I need to run them by Mr. Babb.”

It was noted that the sheriff’s department has lost another dispatcher.

The board approved paying for up to six members to attend the training session either June 14 at the Lake of the Ozarks or July 25 in Branson.