LOST AND FOUND – The inscription reads – Presented By El Dorado Springs Rotary Club To First Baby Born In El Dorado Springs Hospital Rebecca Ann Cunningham.

  Cliff Hawn brought in this trophy and picture and told the Sun this story: Emery Barker found this silver trophy in 1953 commemorating the 1938 birth of Rebecca Ann Cunningham. It was in a shed behind a house on Hickory Street where the Cunninghams used to live. It was tarnished and broken but he thought it might be worth something. When he found out it wasn’t, he sold it to Charlie Brown in the mid 70’s for $5.

  Recently Charlie gave it to Vernal Henry because he thought Vernal was someone who could identify Rebecca Ann Cunningham.

  And he did. Vernal worked through a friend of his who is an expert in genealogy and found out that a Rebecca Ann Cunningham lived with her mother, Iantha, in the same house as John W. Hawn. John W. Hawn was Rebecca’s grandfather as well as Cliff’s, making Rebecca Cliff’s cousin. And he’s known her all of his life.

  Vernal returned the trophy to Cliff who had the picture and he plans to return the trophy to Rebecca Ann Cunningham Beck who now lives in California.

  Mrs. Beck was born in 1938 which means that she was born in the Sanitarium that was located on the corner of East Joe Davis and Jackson.

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