ON LOAN – John Baxter is the new community banker at Simmons Bank in El Dorado Springs. A native of Missouri, John has been at the Stockton bank for the last six years and is currently transitioning to the El Dorado Springs facility. He is available five days a week.

He said, “We’re not just a place to get a loan, we want people to become part of our family. Simmons is far more competitive with rates than Liberty was.”

He added, “We’ve been in El Dorado Springs for about 18 months.

Baxter invites businesses and individuals to see want kind of services Simmons offers outside of the checking account. He said they have a very strong credit card division and offer online banking.

“I believe Simmons will be in the forefront of technology, but at the same time we’re still a community bank,” he said.

Call him at 417/875-7530.