Q: I am tired all of the time.  Why?

A: I am continuing my series on medical problems that cause fatigue. Today, I will discuss more medical causes of fatigue and things to look for. The first is anxiety. Anxiety is a type of medical problem.  It can interfere with your life. Chronic anxiety is worry and stress about many everyday events and activities that keep going, and is a major cause of fatigue. It usually goes along with difficulty concentrating and sometimes, irritability.  Medication can help this problem, but behavioral therapy is usually the best. Depression is another major cause of fatigue. Those with depression have less energy. They may lose interest in activities. It is caused by changes in the natural chemicals in the brain. This can be a combination of genetics and stressful life events. It is also treated with medicine or counseling. The next medical problem is fibromyalgia. This condition is not well understood by doctors. The cause is unknown. The major symptoms are fatigue and aching all over. It causes tender spots, usually in the large muscles, that can hurt when you press on them.Sleeping problems usually go along with it. It can be upsetting, and is very common. It tends to come and go. Treatment involves exercise, good sleep, reducing stress, eating healthy, warm baths and occasionally, medication. Next week, we will explore more unusual causes of fatigue.

Dr. Rick Casey

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