We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July last weekend and honoring all Veterans in the audience. Thank you to all who have served and to their families who have supported them as they were gone from home.

This weekend we will play Friday and Saturday evening from 8-9 p.m. On Saturday we will have Polka Night! Folks always look forward to that night. We play many fun songs and we always look forward to a few folks who get up and dance to some of our songs.

Sunday we will play from 2-3. We hope folks will come out to listen to us play. We love playing for a crowd and we’d love to have you there!

Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Friday, July 6

1 National Emblem

2 Swinging Safari

3 Basses on a Rampage

4 Liberty Bell

5 Basin Street Blues

6 Carnival of Roses

7 Miss Liberty

8 Polka

9 Director Choice

10 Blue Book

11 Kansas City

12 Autumn Leaves

13 God Bless America

Saturday, July 7

     * Polka Night

1 Pennsylvania Polka

2 Clarinet Polka

3 Jenny Lind Polka

4 Pie in the Face Polka

5 Big Band Polka

6 Baruska (Bohemian Polka)

7 Polka #1

8 Lindenau Polka

9 Beer Barrel Polka

10 Polka #3

11 Polka #9

12 Schnitzelbank

13 Liechtensteiner Polka

14 God Bless America

Sunday, July 8

1 Abide With Me

2 Invercargill

3 Salute to Promised Land

4 Call to Victory

5 College Life

6 Free World

7 Hostrauser’s March

8 Polka

9 Flute Choice

10 El Capitan

11 Father of Victory

12 Now the Day is Over

13 God Bless America

14 Star Spangled Banner

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