Sheryl call our meeting to order and asked Carol to lead us in our song, I Love My TOPS Club. We then said our TOPS and KOPS Pledges.

We had 23 weigh in today with a loss of 12.8 lbs. and a gain of 8.2 lbs. This gave us a net loss of 4.6 lbs. Robbie had our best loss for the week losing 3 lbs. The 19 members that stayed for the meeting had walked 377 accumulated miles this week.

Sheryl thanked everyone who worked and donated to the garage sale. We cleared $532.

Dorothy and Roger will celebrate an anniversary next week. We hope it’s a great one.

Marie won the draw for the marble game. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the winning white marble. There was $62 in the pot today.

In our Team Challenge contest Juanita’s team won today. Having lost, Marilyn’s team had to sing a song to the winners and pay 50¢ per member to Mary. We’ll see who wins next week…

Marilyn presented the accomplishment and awards today. She stated this was the most accomplishments we’ve had this year. Mary Long won the draw for free dues this month. Traci was the best loser for the month losing 9 lbs. She earned the $5.55 with this accomplishment. The awards presented were: receiving Back in Black with Perfect Attendance Certificates were: Sandi, Kay and Jan. Judy B. had earned a 12 weeks Continual Loss charm and certificate and Half Way to Goal charm and certificate. Robbie had earned a six week Steady Loser charm and certificate. Lynda B. had earned a Vacation Loss charm and certificate for returning from at least a two week vacation with a loss. Mary earned a Back in Black with Perfect Attendance certificate, 12 weeks Consecutive Loss certificate and charm, and her 15 lb. loss certificate. Melanie earned her four years KOPS certificate and charm. The members who are on the 20 Pounds to Goal Stick are: Marie, Lynda B., Traci, Judy B. Sue F. Margie and Juda. These earned a certificate for accomplishing the loss of at least 10 lbs. in the 2017 Million Pound Mission: Susan, Melissa, Juanita, Steve, Juda, Carol, Marie, Warren, Marilyn, Kadeana, Sharon, Jean, and Melanie. What a great Awards Program this was today.

The spring Potato Luncheon was brought up and tabled until later.

We dismissed with our motto: If it is to be, it is up to ME.

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