TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs met in the United Methodist Church, 201 E Broadway on Thursday January 24, 2019. For their weekly weigh in, and meeting.

Leader Sheryl Ann called our meeting to order and Kay led us in singing “Happy Trails” We said our TOPS & KOPS pledges.

We welcomed new member, Linda C.

Sheryl led us in roll call, walking report and had everyone say if they would be available for the March 14th Potato Bake.

Twenty-five weighed in today and the chapter had a net Loss of 11.2 lbs.

Weeks best loser was a tie with Kay and Judy K each losing 2.8 lbs. Congratulations ladies.

We sang Happy Anniversary to Susan. She and Tom will be celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary.

Mary reported on the new contest “KOPS Helping TOPS Team Contest” that starts today. The teams have been chosen. There are five teams, each team has a KOPS as a captain and three TOPS. The captain is responsible for encouraging the TOPS members of their team to attend the meeting and lose weight.

The teams are:

Captain: Linda Hall; Team members are; Robbie, Angie and Terriesha

Captain: Jean Lovewell; Team members are; Sue C, Jan and Warren

Captain: Juanita; Team members are; Carolyn, Susan S and LJ

Captain; Carol; Team members are; Judy D, Linda C and Sheryl Ann

Captain; Marilyn; Team members are; Margie, Kay and Mary

The contest will run till April 4.

Marble Game: Marilyn won the right to draw for the winning marble but did not get the winning one. The pot was at $33.50.

Sheryl read a letter from TOPS Director, Deanna Bies. “Are you getting the message”. Communication is the key. Get the message out about the benefits of TOPS.

Marilyn presented an award to Mary for bringing in a new member.

Sheryl turned the floor over to Robbie for the program. Robbie took her program from the TOPS Real People Real Life book. She talked on Mindful Eating. She asks us to ask ourselves why do I eat, what drives my eating cycle?

What do I eat, What foods do I choose from all of the available options?

How do I eat? How, specifically, do I get the food I have chosen into my body?

How Much do I eat? How much fuel do I give my body when I eat?

Where do I invest my energy, after I have eaten where does my energy go?

Some people are instinctive eaters. They eat only when they are hungry. They eat an amount to feel comfortably full but not over full.

They instinctively stop eating when they are full even if food is left on their plate.

They eat what they love but stop when they are full and do not obsess about food.


The overeating cycle is driven by triggers. We are all born with the instinctive eating cycle but loose it over the years to bad habits.

Environment triggers are ever present, in a food abundant environment and you are always experiencing various emotions so you may feel like eating all the time.

You tend to choose comfort foods to satisfy the triggers and you eat quickly, automatically, unconsciously and/or secretly.

Of course, extra food is stored as fat, causing you to feel less energetic and less physically active

Restrictive eating is the person who is always on a diet. They restrict certain foods and feel guilty of they cave in and eat a restricted food. The restrictive diet requires weighing and measuring the food and can often cause an imbalance in nutrients.

Mindful eating is eating with intention and attention

Eat with intention, be purposeful when you eat

Eat when you’re truly hungry

Eat to meet your body’s needs for fuel and nourishment

Eat with the goal of feeling better when you’re finished

Eat with attention, devote your full attention to eating

Eliminate or minimize distractions

Tune into the ambiance, flavors, smells, temperatures, and texture of the food

Listen to your body’s cues of hunger and fullness

Thank you, Robbie, for a great program.

With no other business meeting was adjourned with our motto “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME.”

TOPS #MO 9319 meets each Thursday Morning in the Methodist Church at 201 E Broadway, El Dorado Springs. Weigh-in starts at 7:45 a.m. the meeting begins at 8:45 a.m. and is over by 10 a.m.

Are you ready to stop dieting and start making real changes? TOPS can help you reach your weight-loss goals by providing you with the tools, information, support, and accountability you need to be successful. After all, this has been a winning formula for TOPS members just like you for 70 years. We welcome women and men of all ages and couples are encouraged to join. We currently have two couples in our group who have found it fun and encouraging. We encourage healthy eating and offer support through our chapter and the National Chapter of TOPS. We have a lot of fun in our weight loss journey and make lifelong friendships. First visit is free with no obligation.

For more information, call Sheryl Walker at 417 876 5699 or Linda Hall at 417 876 6467. Or TOPS toll-free number 1 800-932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.