TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs met in the United Methodist Church, 201 E Broadway on Thursday, Sept. 13, for their weekly weigh in and meeting. Leader Sheryl Ann called the meeting to order. Kay led us in singing “Losing”. We said our TOPS and KOPS pledges. Marilyn led us in exercises. 25 members weighed in today and we had a net gain of 1.0 pound. Angie was our best loser with a loss of 3.2 pounds.

Traci was the Best Loser for the month of August. She received an award for being Back in Black with Perfect Attendance in August, a certificate and charm for a 20 pound loss, a 25 pound loss certificate, six weeks of continual loss certificate and charm, half way to goal certificate and charm, and 20 pounds from goal certificate and charm. Traci has been working very hard in August! Judy B, Kay, and Warren also received certificates for their hard work.

We sang Happy Birthday to Steve, Warren, and Sue F. Steve received a birthday gift from Sheryl Ann that will come in handy in his weight maintenance journey. Sheryl Ann also distributed the letter from Area Captain, Claudia, and directions to Fall Rally in Bolivar in October. Sandi won the right to draw but did not get the winning marble.

Mary revealed the winning team in our team contest. Marilyn’s team won this week with 3 points ahead of Juanita’s team. Next week in order to earn points both teams need to contact a different person on their team than previously contacted and put the calorie count for foods recorded on the food chart.

Steve and Juanita had the program today. It was taken from the TOPS Website.

It was titled: 12 Things Happy People Do Differently. These are:

1. Express gratitude 2. Cultivate optimism 3. Avoid overthinking and social comparisons. 4. Practice acts of kindess. 5. Nurture social relationships. 6. Develop strategies for coping. 7. Learn to forgive. 8. Increase flow experiences. 9. Savor life stories. 10. Commit to your goal. 11. Practice spirituality. 12. Take care your your body.

Juanita then presented Steve with the benefits of cake to read to the members. She made each member a 90 calorie cupcake for us to help Steve celebrate his birthday which was today.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned with our motto “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME”.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Stubock, Acting Secretary