Submitted by Lana Sue Jones

On April 9, 11 members of the Twentieth Century Club met in the home of hostess Georgia Detwiler with Ruth Woody serving as co-hostess. President Sandi Eaves called the meeting to order.

Our unfinished business was to have the committee present the slate of new officers for next year. Also, the theme for our next year program will be reviews on books or authors.

After a discussion, the members decided to visit the Civil War Museum and tour the Phelps house in Carthage on May 16.

The opinion was given by Kay Sewell on cursive writing. Are students still using their writing as much in school, or are they relying on using a laptop to replace having to write?

Sharyl Henry read the poem, “Reading with Dad,” for the entertainment. It began with a Dad reading to his small child continuing until the child became and adult, at which time the role switched and the adult would read to the father for the remainder of his life.

The Nathan Boone State Park was the topic of our program given by Kay Sewell. The historic site is located near Ash Grove, and dates back to the 1830’s. His last home is preserved there with its original features together with the family cemetery. The many roles he had in his life and their contribution in helping settle early Missouri made him legendary.