by Lana Sue Jones

On Nov. 13, 14 members of the Twentieth Century Club met in the home of Jean Wernel who served as hostess with Sherry Wiseman as co-hostess.

The minutes were read and approved, treasurer’s report was given and the committees reported. The new business was the discussion about our Christmas meeting in December.

Glenda Baker presented the opinion which was about the Halley Owens trial and the outcome. If you were a member of the jury would you choose the death penalty or life in prison? The death penalty verses life in prison was discussed.

Entertainment was presented by Sharyl Henry. She read the story “Sometimes Its Turkey, Sometimes Its Feathers.” Mrs. Gumm and her cat found an egg and it hatched into a turkey. “We will have turkey for Thanksgiving,” said Mrs. Gumm. The day of the Thanksgiving dinner arrived and Mrs. Gumm had her two good friends joining her for dinner, cat and turkey.

The program, given by Luella Phipps, was on the Wilson Creek National Battlefield located near Republic. It was the site of the second major battle of the Civil War and the first battle west of the Mississippi River on Aug. 10, 1861. General Lyon was the first Union general killed in action. A five hour battle was fought at Bloody Hill with 2,500 killed, wounded or missing. More historical information can be obtained by visiting this historic site.

Our meeting was adjourned to enjoy delicious refreshments and visiting.