Twilight Gardeners Garden Club met in the home of Jeana Oschsner on Nov. 21.

President Ursula Fuller called the meeting to order with the Club Collect. Roll Call (what birds do you hope to attract in your garden) Doug Abbas, Jennifer Bland, Donna Cooper, Ursula Fuller, Rama Hart, Jeana Oschner, Sharon Lansing, Carolyn West, Ramona VanWey and Marilyn Dresch were present. Wanda Simpkins asking for nominees for state Board of Directors, and the yearbook committee needs volunteers to help review the 2018 yearbooks.

Unfinished business: Members ask to sign-up for program ideas and month they would have meeting for next year.

Committee reports: There was no interest shown for Essay contest or Smokey Bear Woodsy owl contest. Donna announced that the club officers agreed to accept their office again next year.

New business: There was discussion on what projects we could do for next year. Rama read the Book of Evidence that Sharon had written about Ecotots along with picture to be sent to state to be judged for a state award. It was discussed that our Garden tour in the spring could be a Book of Evidence project. A motion was made by Sharon that as a club we participate with the Community Garden, Carolyn seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting was scheduled Dec. 10 to work on the 2018 yearbook.

Program: Sharon showed wreaths that she had made out of different pinecones and many dried things that come from garden flowers and trees. Sharon gave many good ideas on what we might have in our own yard to use to make wreaths Sharon had a large selection of items she had collected.

Refreshments were served by Jeana.

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