by Dora Jean McKinley

Sunday, Marilyn Entrikin went to Sunday School and Church. Half of their Bible study class on Wednesday night were absent due to illness.

Marilyn’s son, Steve Entrikin, has not been feeling well. He went to the VA Hospital for tests. Had lunch at Rich Hill’s Café. They have fried chicken dinner on Sunday. Very good.

Tex Mckinley and Dora Jean had fried chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken Saturday. A cold day to have good fried chicken. Tex is a very good cook, better than I am. I make a very good dish washer. Our cats really don’t care just so they get supper.

Tex McKinley talked to Doug Wingate about the weather. It seems they both were out Saturday in the cold. Both glad to get home.

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s day.

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