by Marylin Entrikin

Marilyn Entrikin said she is all rested up from her trip. She didn’t realize she was so tired.

Marilyn Entrikin’s son, Jim Entrikin, took her to the kidney doctor at St. Luke’s on Wednesday. He said she was A-OK. Good news. Now she is ready for summer.

Marilyn had dinner at her son Steve and Rose Entrikin’s house last night. They were grilling steaks with salad and baked sweet potatoes. Great meal.

Craig Sumner stopped by to see Tex McKinley. Good to see him. Come again. Doug Wingate stopped by to see Tex as well.

Sheila Hogan has been sick. We hope she gets better soon.

Tex has been getting caught up on outside work.

Our cats have been loving the beautiful summer days and nights.

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