by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church Sunday service by pastor Larry Sorrels was titled “A Person like Us” from James 5: 13-18.

Mt. Zion Home Bible study was held in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. with 11 in attendance to study the Bible.

Lots of activates this past weekend in the area the weather was great, most of the corn has been harvested; the soybeans are about ready; gardens still producing enough for the table, lots of nice apples.

A recent visitor in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home was Beverly’s cousin Danny from British Columbia.

Weekend visitors in the Howard and Dixie Peterson home have been Kent Mark Crawford and Beth. Dixie went to the doctors getting her medicine changed.

Beverly Pelkey and Marge Zink were in El Dorado Springs on club business and enjoyed lunch at the new restaurant, it was good they had quilts hanging and glass dishes, what more does one need?

Over at the Robin Siegismund farm not much going on, except Mabel’s dog Specks waits until Mabel leaves then comes to play with Belle; Specks thinks “what’s good for the master is good for speck,” Belle and her had a good time.

The Mt. Zion humming birds are mostly all gone south we see one occasionally.

John and Julia Snethen didn’t do much this past week Julia did make it to Appleton City and then they went to the homecoming game Friday night and Julia got really cold and had to leave but glad Appleton City Bulldogs won against Rich Hill.

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