by Helen Ellerman

Due to the icy weather last Sunday, Feb. 11, there was no news. The Harwood Baptist Church was closed and Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, was closed, due to the icy roads, no one was out. Most of the churches in the area were closed.

Madalyn Crocker received word on Friday, Feb. 9, that her aunt, her late mother’s sister, had passed away in Wales, KU.

Church service was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, Feb. 18. Brother Mike Dunivan’s sermon was taken from 1 John 3:11-18. Brother Dunivan says that he does not usually have a title for his sermons.

I talked to Connie Locke Sunday, Feb. 18. She says so far she has escaped everything that had been going around. She is the former pastor of the Schell City United Methodist Church until it closed it’s doors in June 2016.

Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, says that they had a very good crowd for the Valentine’s dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 14. She says they would like to thank everyone that came an supported her.

There had been a lot of flu and colds going around so, there is not much news.

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