by Helen Ellerman

Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, will close at 9:30 March 22. She will close after she serves breakfast. Madalyn will be closed Friday, March 30, through April, 1 for the Easter holiday. She will reopen on April 2 at her regular time.

Church service was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, March 11. They had a missionary speaker from Jordan, in the Middle East. There will be a retirement party for Brother Jon Caudle Sr. and an 80th birthday party for Jon’s wife, Judith. It will be held at the Harwood Baptist Church at 2:30 p.m. March 24. Everyone is invited to attend. Brother Mike Dunivan is the new pastor at the Harwood Baptist Church.

Rosie Taylor, a friend of Jewell and Helen Ellerman, was a dinner guest in their home Sunday, March 11.

I (Helen Ellerman) received a certificate from State Representative Patrice Pike of the 126th District thanking me for writing about what was going on in the Schell City area. She did not know my address so she sent it to Madalyn Crocker and Madalyn got it to me. It is really pretty.

The Harwood and Schell City areas received some much needed rain, it had been really cold at times. I think they had the red flag warning out. Even though they got some rain, it was still dangerous to burn.

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