by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church was by Pastor Nick Van Dam entitled “Fit Mouth.”

Mt. Zion Bible study was cancelled due to the cold weather and icy roads, also cancelled was Mt. Zion Club.

Rockville Hand Quilters did get to meet Thursday; all meeting the first of the week was cancelled.

We wish Donna Harris a speedy recovery from her recent surgery.

Over at the Robin Seigismund farm still no baby goats but the mommies were happy not to have to sleep with the chickens like they did during the cold weather, Belle was very unhappy when she was tied up and couldn’t meet the UPS brown truck.

Howard and Dixie Peterson made it to Dixie’s doctor’s appointment, receiving a good report, Dixie made it to church Sunday.

Visited by phone with the neighbor lady, you would never guess what she was doing? She was rendering lard, be some good pie crust there.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey did make it out to the store Saturday, the kittens are growing and the wood pile is getting smaller.

John and Julia Snethen made it to Clinton on Wednesday to do some shopping and then on Friday had dinner with son Ron Thompson. Saturday they had a date afternoon due to age and went to the show in El Dorado Springs and really had a good time, the stopped by Simone’s Drive-in before heading home to shut chickens.

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