by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

The men fixed and served a delicious breakfast for the mothers of the Rockville United Methodist Church. Pastor Nick Van Dam’s sermon  was titled “Do You Love Jesus?”

Mt. Zion Home Bible study held Tuesday 7 p.m. in Tom and Beverly Pelkey home had eight in attendance.

Our sympathy to the family of Donnie Fletcher, Donnie will be missed.

We wish Charles Wilson a speedy recovery he has been entertaining the “crud.” Charlene Crayton is glad to be home after a stay in the hospital.

The weather in the Mt. Zion area has been gorgeous, the water has dropped a little, the corn plants are starting to look green, the flowers have all been so pretty this year and gardens are growing.

Hope all mothers had a wonderful day.

At the Robin Siegismund farm, Belle is hoping they are about finished having kids. Not many cars going by since the other end of the road is closed.

Dixie Peterson attended her class reunion; she enjoyed visiting with classmates at Lowry City.

Justin Dodson and Clara visited Tom and Beverly Pelkey recently.

Beverly Pelkey and Grace Bartz attended the DAR meeting in Butler.

Beverly and Tom Pelkey enjoyed dinner at the Cook Stack.

Tri-County Quilt Club met May 8 at the Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.

Ron Thompson and family visited with Julia and John Snethen for Mother’s Day. Ron brought his mother two rose bushes to plant, some 4/10 shot gun shells and dinner. John and Julia attended the friendship meeting in Garden City on Monday night where John got sick and had to leave early. Julia made a trip to Clinton Saturday because her vacuum cleaner quit.

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