by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church Sunday morning service by pastor Larry Sorrels was titled “The Scalpel and the Surgeon.”

Mt. Zion Home Bible Study was held in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. with nine attending to study the Bible.

Sympathy to the Nadine Rosbrugh family funeral services were held Monday.

Mt. Zion welcomed the much needed rain. Several neighbors have fall decorations out for us to enjoy. Listening to the weatherman I suppose we will have winter before fall although the trees are getting some color. St Clair County has several roads that make for a pretty drive to see the fall color.

Sorry to hear Sheri Suster is back in the hospital.

Dixie Peterson is a patient in the Ellett Memorial Hospital in Appleton City; we wish her a speedy recovery. Visitors have been Stacy and Mike Griffith, Marge Zink, Kent Crawford and Beth and Howard Peterson.

Over at the Robin Siegismund farm, Belle and Robin are preparing for winter. Speaks (Mabel dog) has decided home is not bad after all she has not been visiting Belle since the weather cooled off.

Stan and Helen Nixon and Gregg from El Dorado, KS, former neighbor, visited Marge Zink Sunday.

Gregg Pelkey of Springfield visited in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home Saturday helping Tom with some chores.

John and Julia Snethen kept Julia’s appointment with her cardiologist on Monday afternoon with Julia getting a fair report. Then, on the way home, Julia finally got to buy some flowers for the first time this year. They stop by the Amish grocery store and bought some beautiful mums. John planted them on Wednesday. John made a trip to Whiteman for the medicine on Friday. On Saturday they made a trip to 8 miles south of Mt. Vernon to attend their grandson Cody Wright’s wedding to Abby Jarman and on the way home almost got hit by a large pickup truck driving on their side of the road around Miller. Thanks to John’s good reflexes by taking the shoulder and ditch they came out alive and unhurt but very glad to get home.