One of the hardest things an individual can hear is, “your job is disappearing.” Layoffs, business closings or budget cuts are some of the more common events that can cause an individual to have to navigate the choppy waters of change and find a new job according to Mike Coffey, 4-H youth development specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

“At that point in time, or maybe at a time of your choosing, you get to start looking for a job,” said Coffey. “Knowing some of the job search challenges can help with planning.”

The first thing needed to do is to adopt a change of attitude.

“It is important to realize that searching for a job is actually your job in this situation,” said Coffey.

Individuals will learn this endeavor looking at various job boards, researching companies that are hiring and filling out applications and resumes.

The next step is deciding where to look.

“If you’ve been employed for several years, you may not be aware that a fundamental shift has taken place. Gone are the days when you physically went to companies to fill out applications and drop off resumes,” said Coffey.

Most of the time a job search is done electronically, which makes it different and sometimes easier and harder.

“It’s easier to do the actual application online, so you don’t have to drive from office to office. It much harder though as your application disappears into an electronic black hole and you don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day again or not,” said Coffey.

That said, there are many places to conduct your job search online.

The Missouri career employment site is  There is a host of information here, like National Career Readiness certificate, skill builders’ worksheets, labor market summaries concerning growing job fields, and upcoming job fairs that companies are hosting.

Some other sites to get acquainted with are:, and

Each of these websites allow users to create a profile that lists demographics, an online resume, hints on job hunting and the type of work being sought.

“Notice that I’ve not said anything about placement agencies like Manpower, Adecco, Kelly Services etc. These companies provide a needed service, but almost always you’ll work temp-to-hire if you take a position through them, which keeps you on uncertain ground for a much longer period of time,” said Coffey.

For additional job hunting ideas, contact Mike Coffey in Newton County at (417) 455-9500.

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