Greetings, My Fellow Missourians

I attended a Transportation Task Force meeting in Springfield on Wednesday that addressed the impact of transportation infrastructure on business and economic development, but one hour was devoted to public testimony regarding the state’s highway system and its funding.  I spoke in support of continuing the 11,000 miles of lettered highways under the current maintenance of MoDOT.  Some individuals want to save the state money by returning maintenance of these lettered highways back to County Road and Bridge departments.  However, counties simply don’t have the funds to preserve these roads.   If this should happen, the consequence to ‘Chip & Seal’ paved highways would be an eventual decline to gravel for lack of funding.  I, for one, do not want to see this happen.

Due to inflation, material costs have increased as well as workers’ salaries, however, the amount of revenue has not increased accordingly.  To accommodate, MoDOT has adopted the strategy of actively caring for the major highways through Missouri with only minimum attention given to our smaller, less travelled, lettered roads.  If you will recall, because of increased fuel taxes in the 1990’s, MoDOT was able to create double lanes from Clinton to Harrisonville on MO Hwy. 7; from Clinton to Springfield on MO Hwy. 13; from Warsaw to Sedalia on US Route 65; from Springfield to Sikeston on US Route 60; and US Route 71 was upgraded to I-49.  I would like to see US Route 65 double-laned from Warsaw to Buffalo as well as the straightening of some ‘S’ curves on MO Hwy. 82 north of El Dorado Springs.

The challenge faced by all Missourians and legislators in the 2018 session is to determine how to fund and maintain the current state transportation system plus move forward with future infrastructure projects.  Are Missouri citizens willing to consider a tax increase to upkeep state highways and bridges?  We are going to have to evaluate this heavily in the near future.

Monday evening at the annual St. Clair County Farm Bureau meeting, Rep. Love presented resolutions to Julia Ann Bock for 34 years of service as a dedicated board member and to her son, Jim Bock, for 30 years of service as a board member.  Thank you to the Bock family for their hard work and commitment.

Unacceptable comments addressed:

Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson sent the following letter on Tuesday to members of the Missouri Senate asking them to begin proceedings to expel Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal from the Senate.  My opinion is exactly the same, and I thank all the constituents who have contacted me with their input.  Her comments are completely intolerable.  Please read on:

“The recent inflammatory comments made by Senator Chappelle-Nadal are unacceptable and unbefitting conduct of a Missouri State Senator. I am calling on the Missouri Senate to go into special session in conjunction with Veto Session, with the purpose of expelling Senator Chappelle-Nadal from the body under the authority vested to the Senate under Article III, Section 18 of the Missouri Constitution. I do not make this request of you lightly, but you and I know it is the right course of action to take for the people of Missouri.

“Condemnation for these remarks was swift and bipartisan.  Governor Greitens, Senator McCaskill, Congressman Clay, Congressman Cleaver and numerous others – including myself – have called for Senator Chappelle-Nadal to resign, but she has thus far refused.  I would like to thank Minority Leader Gina Walsh for her swift action to condemn the Senator’s remarks and remove her from committee assignments.

“I realize what I am asking is nearly unprecedented.  The Senate has not sought to remove a member since 1945.  However, in a situation like this, we as a body have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard and draw a line against these inexcusable actions.  It is unacceptable for a public official to call for violence against the President of the United States, and there is no place in the Missouri General Assembly for a legislator who embraces such harmful rhetoric.”

3rd annual 100-mile yard sale:

Discover More on Route 54 is reminding the public of the 3rd annual 100-Mile Yard Sale that will be coming up on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-3, during daylight hours.  This event includes communities along U.S. Hwy. 54 from Nevada to Camdenton. We need sellers and bargain hunters to make this event a success.  Sellers will be responsible for their own yard sale signs to attract motorists.  With the increased holiday traffic, it’s encouraged that other non-profits (fire departments, churches, etc.) hold rummage sales and fundraisers at the same time.   Please direct questions or suggestions to the Facebook page: or

You can hold a yard sale on your Hwy. 54 property, but if you don’t live along the highway you are welcome to use one of these Host Sites:

Camdenton – American Family Insurance parking lot, 309 W. Hwy. 54.  Must register;

Near Macks Creek – at public roadside park, at the junction of Hwys. 54 and 73;

Preston – Yates Rustic Range Trading, located six miles east of Preston, call for space (417)733-7193;

Hermitage – Beyond Bargains Flea Market, 624 W. Hwy 54, [Fee charged] call Kathy (417)399-1474 for prices;

Wheatland – Hwy 54 RV Park (watch for digital sign), across from Main St., call for space (417)282-5400;

Collins – Brenda’s Quilt Stop & More, located west of Collins along Hwy. 54 call to register (417)876-9997;

El Dorado Springs – the old Wood’s parking lot, at the junction of Hwys. 54 and 32; and

Nevada – Life Church, 421 N. Centennial Blvd.  Must register with or call (417)667-9760.