Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson has been tasked by Governor Eric Greitens to co-chair the new Boards and Commissions Task Force. Executive Order 17-11, signed by Governor Greitens last week, calls for a task force to examine all government boards and commissions. The board will evaluate each board and commission with relation to purpose, costs incurred, size, opportunity to consolidate and reducing barriers in occupational licensing. The task force will present its recommendations to Governor Greitens in October.

“This is a commitment that myself and the Governor have made to downsize government and the regulatory environment,” said Lieutenant Governor Parson. “Today in Missouri there are over 200 different government boards and commissions, and many of them have either overlapping responsibilities or are no longer effective,” Parson said.

The task force will consist of 12 members including the Lieutenant Governor and the Director of Boards and Commissions as co-chairs, four members appointed by the Governor, three state senators appointed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and three state representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House.