At its July 16 meeting the Cedar County Ambulance Board sold its old building for an as yet undisclosed amount to an undisclosed buyer,

Board members present for the meeting were John Wilson – chairman, Rusty Norval – vice chairman, Nadine Sinclair, Diana Johnson and Evelyn Boyle. Keith Kasco – secretary/treasurer. was absent.

All ambulances were reported as operational. The rep from Stryker came to talk to the board about pricing on the cot/load system. Prices are set to go up Oct. 1. Wlson made a motion to purchase a cot and load system, delivery on cot immediate, deferred delivery on load system until March. Seconded by Norval. Motion passed.

Rep also stated that he would add the plate at no cost to the district, in 3 years when we change ambulances.

New Building Updates

There are a few more things the contractor is taking care of.

New Business:

Computer Virus Protection

After some discussion a motion was made by Sinclair to purchase a 2-year protection plan for one computer from Micro Trend for $49.99 and additional tech support for $40.00. Motion seconded by Wilson, 5 ayes, 0 nays


The printer we currently have is nice but uses FAR too much ink. A request was made by the clerk to purchase a monochrome, laser printer. John found one on Amazon. Motion was made to Norval to purchase a Brother refurbished monochromatic laser printer/fax/copier and an additional ink cartridge for under $200. Motion passed.