Latest developments for the El Dorado Springs Community Garden include new efforts to obtain funding for the initial startup of bed-building and beautification efforts. Several ideas for a garden entryway and sign were discussed. We decided an archway or pagoda-type arbor might be nice for the entry to the garden. A design for a sign using old barnwood was considered and t was agreed that this type of sign would look good.

At this point, we are going to proceed with grooming the site and marking where we want the raised beds, but the group has agreed that we cannot proceed further until we can order and pay for the cedar wood for the beds, which will cost approximately $400 to $500. We will accept donations of any amount and ask that if you have an interest in this project, please offer your time and a few dollars to make the garden a reality.

In the next week or two, you will see donation boxes at various businesses around El Dorado Springs. Please be generous and leave a note in the box with your name and phone number stating whether you are also willing to be a volunteer at the garden for a few hours each week. Or, please call Dr. Sharon West Lansing, 417/321-0216, and she will talk with you about the project and accept your money, of course.

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