The El Dorado Springs City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 7, taking care of a list of yearly tasks

All councilmen were present: Mayor Brad True, Jim Luster, Nick Bland, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. Also present were City Manager Bruce Rogers and Sabrina Mallicoat, Utility Billing Clerk.

  The list included:

  Approved financing for a new well, backhoe and carpet/flooring: The financing package was awarded to Community Bank with a 72 month contract at 3.10%. This will fund a new well for public drinking water, a backhoe for the water department and finishing the carpeting at the SWMPC building the city owns;

  Adopted an updated Title VI program, limited English proficiency plan. Rogers said that the Department of Transportation has made minor updates and changes to some of the wording/process for the Taxi Grant. None of the changes will impact the city;

  Re-appointed Mike Bush, Greg Bydler and Charlie Cantrell as members of the El dorado Springs Park and Recreation Board;

  Re-appointed Judi Baldwin, Debbie Floyd, and Joyce Cain as members of the El Dorado Springs Picnic Committee;

  Re-appointed Eldon Steward, Ruby Fields and Jerry Bobbett as members of the El Dorado Springs Municipal Cemetery Board;

  Re-appointed Brad Steward as a member of the El Dorado Springs enhanced Enterprise Zone Board and

  Established a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain officials.

  The council also passed an ordinance vacating a portion of the 15 foot alley running north and south that lies west of 510 Jackson (lot 3, block 23, Forest Grove Addition) and east of a 2.5 acre tract.

  During the public forum, Glenda Baker said that after the city clean-up, there was one property that was high on her list  (corner of Lafayette and Kirkpatrick) and wanted to know it is was in violation of city codes or ordinances. Lisa Phillips said she was also concerned about the property. Jeana Oscher asked if there was a list of people who receive assistance from Section 8 housing. Janice Nelson inquired as to how the home owner/tenant was reprimanded in the event of junk/weeds. Rogers said the city has no way of knowing who receives assistance, but is hopeful to get a new apartment complex approved that would help alleviate some of the issues by getting the people out of homes that are decrepit and into energy efficient apartments.

  Jackson Tough, executive director of the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce said the city-wide clean-up drew in 115 volunteers who gathered 200 bags of trash and collected 85 tires. Tough thanked the city for its support.

  During the City Manger’s report, Rogers said that the tests on the new well all came back good.

  He said that the Department of Transportation Aviation Division wants the city to look into engineering firms to have on hand even if no special projects are in the works .

  Rogers said that the Air Curtain Destructor is up and running at the burn pile. The destructor allows the city to burn 12 months out of the year.

  Rogers told the council that the Solar Farm should  be live and operating on May 23 and the dedication ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. on May 31.

   Roger informed the council that there would be some  changes in sales tax. He said that online sales tax is now available on purchases. Each city must adopt a use tax with voter approval. He also said that motor vehicle license tax is going to be dropped on vehicles purchased out of state. Rogers said the city would lose the $12,000 – $15,000 in income on these purchases each year if the tax isn’t re-adopted. The deadline to get this on the August ballot is May 28.

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER – El Dorado Springs residents gathered for prayer and singing in the Park Gazebo on Thursday, May 3.  About 35 people gathered for the event.