Grab another corndog and just stay put after the Talent Show on Thursday, July 18. The ElDo All-Stars will brighten your life.

The following line-up (never before on the same stage) might just be the highlight of your Picnic experience. Along with the outstanding talent, prizes will be thrown to the audience close to the end of the performance.

Ryan Smith – guitar, tenor;  Shayne Daniel – bass; Jeremy Barger – bass; Sandra Stewart – keyboard; former Miss Cedar County Erin Crocker – soprano; Ron Alumbaugh – percussion; Jordan Ehlers – tenor; Donna Elliot – violin, alto; Mark Koca – trumpet; Janna Farmington – alto; Amy Harper – soprano; Sherre King – alto:  Sarah King – soprano; Bentley Allison – guitar, soprano: Ron Pitts – tenor: Rick Coale – bass, Coleen Coale – alto.

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