GLASS INSTALLED ON NEW GYM, ELEVATOR IN – On Monday, construction on the $5.6 million addition to the El Dorado Springs school took a major step forward with the installation of glass on the front of the new structure – the south side of the gym. Steve Molz, head of building and grounds for the school, told the Sun that the addition does not totally enclose the gym. He said the contractor still has to install the doors. That is significant because in order for the maple gym floor to be put down, Supt. Mark Koca told the Sun recently, the gym must be sealed off from outside air and the concrete under flooring allowed to dry for an as yet unspecified period.

Meanwhile, the contractor installed the elevator at the north end of the school over the weekend, Molz said. He said he has not ridden on it because of all the testing that is required before it can  transport regular passengers.

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