The El Dorado Springs Friends of the Library, Inc., would like to take this time to express our undying gratitude to the wonderful people of the El Dorado Springs community.

For the past 25 years you have unwaveringly supported us in all of the many projects that our group has undertaken; from securing a new location for the library, through the renovation process of the new building, to the many extras that we were able to do for our library because of your generosity. These extras went above and beyond what the modest tax levy that was stretched to support two libraries was able to fund.

With the recent bigheartedness of this community in agreeing to the new library tax, the Friends of the Library is not needed as badly as it once was. It is therefore, with a heavy heart that this group has decided to dissolve effective as of the first of the 2019 calendar year. The money remaining in the Friends account will be given to the John Smith Branch of the Cedar County Library as prescribed by the organizations by-laws. This money will be designated for use in building a new facility in the future.

Again thank you to every one of you for your continued support over the past twenty five years. We could not have done it without all of you.

Janice Carter, Treasurer Friends of the Library, Inc.