Superintendent Charles Naas told the Sun:

Several years ago (2014), the NEVC  Board passed Policy 1432 which allowed for the district to designate teachers as School Protection Officers once the teachers received the required training. All information about these personnel would be confidential and protected – even under the Sunshine Law.

If you enter any of my school buildings, you will see a sign that says the following:

WARNING!  Northeast Vernon County R-I participates in the School Protection Officer program. Personnel  may  be armed to protect your children.

While I usually consider myself open-minded, I absolutely refuse to see any value in a “No Guns” or “Gun Free Zone” sign. If those signs were all it took to stop crime we wouldn’t need cops and radar guns on the highway….and the list goes on and on……….I could talk all day.

I just want any gun-toting thug to know that…if they try to shoot inside one of our schools, it probably won’t go well for them.