At the last Cedar County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees meeting of the year, Dec. 18, 2017, Hospital CEO Jana Witt introduced Rob Simon, RN, who has assumed the position of Chief Nursing Officer and mentioned that the meeting was the last for Carla Gilbert, Director of Finance, and Drew Alexander, RN/Chief Nursing Officer.

Board members Judy Renn, Carla Griffin, John Walker, Jan Neale and Julia Phillips were present as well as Witt, Gilbert, Alexander, Simon, Hospital Attorney Bryan Breckenridge and Recording Secretary Terri Heitz.

Gilbert reported that after taxes, donations and interest, the hospital’s net loss for Nov. was $194,788. Days cash on hand was 225.

Alexander mentioned that the hospital still has five RN positions to fill with four of those currently being filled by agency nurses. He said that the recent salary adjustment approved by the board has helped.

Witt reported that the Community Foundations in Stockton and El Dorado Springs did not receive the three year/$50,000 Rural Ozarks Health Initiative Grant.

Robert Simon

Witt said that the Radiology Department was having problems with routers and the IT Department recommended the purchase of a firewall with capability for six routers and added security at the cost of $9,871.17. An emergency purchase was made and ratified at the meeting.

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