I got a little different take than the people who did the story about a WWII ship that a Japanese submarine sank late in the war in water that is about three miles deep. The U.S. just now got technology that let searchers find the Indianapolis in over 18,000 feet of water somewhere in the undisclosed location in the Pacific.

Back while the war was raging, the Indianapolis set a speed record in crossing the Pacific by boat in the water that still stands today. They interviewed a survivor of the Indianapolis sinking who spent something like 4 1⁄2 days in shark infested water before he and 380 other survivors were accidentally discovered and rescued when a submarine hunter plane saw them.

The survivor said he and his sailor companions on the ship were curious about why the captain was in such a hurry to cross the Pacific. He is just now learning of the Top Secret mission for the Indianapolis.

It carried the pieces of the first atomic bomb used on Japan. They weren’t assembled until the bomber was ready to go make the fateful drop the helped end the Japanese involvement in WWII.

The people making the film interviewed the captain of the Japanese submarine. He said they surfaced about midnight and spotted the Indianapolis steaming straight ahead. He said would not have made any difference if the captain of the Indianapolis had continued the zig-zag course he had abandoned sometime during the evening. Two of the six torpedoes he fired found their mark.

Now here’s what I got out of the report: God had a hand in keeping the Indianapolis safe on its crucial mission. I’ve read about other instances in the history of the United States where God’s protecting hand was evident.

And I don’t think we have a clue how many other times He has done that there and in our personal lives.

God has blessed America. I pray we don’t make him so angry that He will stop protecting us. KL