My name is Rita Miller and I want to share with you about the food pantry downtown at the Church of the Nazarene, North Campus, 217, N. Main St. Along with the Ministerial Association we are helping people in our community with a hand up – not just a hand out.

We want you to know and to make clear the food pantry and the soup kitchen goal is to honor the Lord Jesus and to help people come to a relationship with Him.

We want to be available to help those who are in real need. An example, just last month we were able to help a family in need that lost their home to a fire. What a blessing it was to be able to go the food pantry and provide breakfast food for them.

There are three churches in town who have food pantries: The Nazarene Church, the First Christian Church and the Church of Christ. What a blessing to have all three resources to help our community.

I want to take the time to say thank you to the following people for donation food items, money and time. There are two Richards that work tirelessly setting up and cleaning up. Camp Galilee and Evans Drug have dropped off boxes. Peggy Swegarty, Larry and Carolyn West, Health Food Store, Marie Barlow, Don and Mary Martin, Robert and Nancy Post, Flo and Julian Norval, the CMA, Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Bill Whetstone), Community Church (Chad Daniel), Arrowhead RV Camp, Scott Berning, Baptist Church, Pastor Evans, Jeanne Baldwin, Angie’s Bakery, Pizza Hut, Sheila Smith and people who come and drop off food – Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous and Liza and Rich Thompkins.

So now I come to you to ask for the types of can goods for people who don’t have electricity: canned meats, Spaghetti Os, ravioli, canned tuna and chicken, sweet cereals, canned milk, soups, crackers (saltines or Ritz), peanut butter (small jars), chili beans and fruit cups. We have plenty of beans, peas and corn for those in a crisis situation.

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