I would like to know what happened to work ethics and common courtesy?

I have tried for the last 1 1⁄2 years to get some work done around my house. It seems there is a short supply of dependable workers here in ElDo.

When I call for a quote I get answers like “Asap,” “I’ll try,” “I’ll get to it right away,” “We’re really busy, maybe in a month or two,” “I’ll call you back,” etc.

In October I hired Gary Wooten to put a cover over my patio so I could get my disabled husband out of the car when it was raining. He did the job and said if I had a problem that his work was guaranteed. I paid him cash in full. After the first rain, it leaked where the two roofs come together. I called and he came and fixed it. The next rain, it leaked worse. I have tried many times to get him to come and fix it right but you know all the excuses that come up.

Well, it is May and the roof still leaks and Gary is a no-show.

I finally told him I would hopefully find someone else to fix it or this 70-year-old woman will climb on the roof and fix it herself. I don’t recommend him, no work ethics.

I have called others to do work and they seem to know all those excuses, I guess they don’t need work.

I have had only one person do a job like he said he would and his guarantee is good. His name is James Rickey.

So, I guess you can say that I am frustrated that there is very little courtesy or ethics when it comes to workers in this town or area.


Val Ray

El Dorado Springs

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