After reading the rebuttal from the Missouri Department of Conservation written by their spokesman, Mr. Joe Jerek, concerning Larry Dablemont, I felt I was transported back to 1939, and was reading something written by the propaganda machine for Adolph Hitler. Remember their motto was, if you tell a lie long enough and often enough, a certain number of people will believe it.

News articles coming out of Wisconsin tell us that there have been a number of cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease recorded in that state according to the state Department of Health Services and it seems to center around persona who hunt deer and consume a large amount of venison.

It seems Mr. Jerek uses the “Loose Brick Approach” to rebut Larry’s article. The Loose Brick theory relies on the fact that if you pull out one loose brick then the entire structure might fall down. Mr. Dablemont misspelled one word in his article, therefore if he is so stupid that he cannot spell correctly then we should not believe anything he writes. This same burden of proof should apply to the MDC.

A lot of people say follow the money in business or politics and that makes a lot of sense. Now we cannot deny that the MDC gets a large amount of state sales tax money and relies heavenly on out-o-of-state hunters coming into Missouri and buying tags to hunt white tail deer, so there is a great amount of income to the MDC in this regard and we sure don’t want to kill the goose laying the golden egg do we?

Between the MDC and Larry Dablemont, I will take the word of the man who isn’t making a dime off this argument one way or the other. Larry puts on swap meets every year and doesn’t charge vendors to attend and sell their items. He has a youth camp over near Collins that is free to organizations for disadvantaged children and it is free of charge so he doesn’t seem to have a dog in this fight to make money like the MDC does.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs