Have you noticed that Democrats are attempting to do everything they can to win the precedential race in 2020, even so far as breaking laws to achieve their goals?

They want to do without the electoral college and just use the popular vote to determine the outcome. States like California and New York  would practically decide the outcome with little other help.

The Democrats also want to allow illegal aliens to vote. Some states are already allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

They want to lower the voting age to 16. It was only a short time ago that these same people wanted to raise the age for purchasing alcohol and guns to 21. Their reasoning is that they feel the teens are too immature. When I think of teens, I think of Tide pods and doing a “birdbox” challenge, when one walks around blindfolded.

Then, they want ex-felons who have served their time, to be able to vote again.

All of this, will no doubt, broaden the Democrat base. Really, though, do we want illegal aliens, immature minds, and ex-felons determining the direction of our countrt6?

Mind you, i am not speaking of ALL teenagers as being immature. We have a lot of good minds out there. But the majority, in my opinion, have not yet matured enough to make such decisions, let alone know how the country is governed.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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