I’m writing regarding the outrageous report on the front page of last week’s Sun about the woman arrested for receiving food stamps in exchange for meth. I’ll be honest, my first response was “Yes. You go girl.”

I want the “rest of the story” now. Did the meth heads buying the drugs lose their benefits? Why weren’t they equally guilty of fraud? They’re defrauding the government. If they are in such dire need of those EBT and SNAP benefits, why are they giving them away for drugs? Light needs to be shed on the widespread abuse of our country’s welfare system. Why can’t anyone else see this? Go hang out on a bench near the checkout at Wal-Mart around the 3rd of every month. I have, personally, been confronted by recipients offering to sell me their food stamp card for…guess what?…cash. They should have those cards ripped right out of their hands on the spot. “Now go buy your $12 bag of beef jerky and $4 energy drink with your own money, not mine.” Anyone caught giving away or selling their government issued benefits should, not only, have them permanently taken away, but should have to reimburse the issuing agency for what they’ve wasted.

It disgusts me. This country is in real trouble folks. This system of entitlement and everything is free has got to stop. It is so many generations deep now that people don’t even know how to support themselves.

Proudly signed,

Teresia Koger

El Dorado Springs