When did it become the responsibility for the United States of America to provide food, clothing and shelter to all the poor people of Mexico and Central and Couth America? We have homeless persons in all of our major cities here in the U.S. so we don’t need to take in more until we can provide for those citizens in need here.

Since 1900, we have taken in more of the wretched masses of poor than any other nation that I know of. For the most part, they came in under the laws governing immigration into our county and on entering they were examined by medical personnel to be sure they didn’t have a disease that could be passed on to our citizens. If they were found to have such a disease, they were returned to their country of origin.

Now with the open border on the south, we have thousands of persons storming our boarders and the Democrats insist that we admit them here and now and without a medical exam they are shipped to different parts of our country and for the most part, never heard from again. As a result we now have diseases that we had contained years ago popping up all over the United States.

Another thing we must remember is out national security. These international terrorists have long memories and are constantly viewing our laws and testing our degree of security. Remember the first attempt on the World Trade Center was in 1992 with a truck bomb and it failed so for nine years they watched and planned and the Old Blind Sheik laid his plans and in 2001, they used our passenger planes which we had allowed them to attend school here is the United States and learn how to fly those planes into the buildings and bring them down. Oh, they have long memories and our President Barack Obama allowed thousands of Muslims to come into our county and now we have two Muslim women elected to our House of Representatives. One of them is very outspoken and very anti-Israel and Nancy Pelosi in making sure that she has extra protection so no harm can come to someone who will vote the way Nancy wants them to vote.

Hey, remember what Pogo the Possum said, “We have met the enemy and they is us.” We are a very Charitable nation but we seem to forget that Charity begins at home.

I believe we need to enforce our laws and our border and stop this darn Chain Immigration and anyone here illegally should be returned to where they came from and if they want to return, then come in the right way.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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