For the last few weeks, it seems that the news has been dominated by sexual harassment and abuse charges. No one seems to be exempt from it: actors, producers, presidents, congressmen, teachers, etc. Both parties are using these charges for political gain and/or to hurt the opposing parties. I wonder (from both sides of the aisle) how many of these might be false allegations. And why did the accusers wait until NOW to bring all of this up. I am sure a lot of this has to do with upcoming elections. The parties can’t seem to find anything good to say about themselves, so they have to attack the evils of their opponents. Unfortunately, this is a distraction from other issues we have to deal with. Granted, wwe do not need sex maniacs in our government and they need to be weeded out, but we still need to keep our focus on other issues.

In other news, Hillary Clinton has praised her husband for not tweeting during his presidency. What’s funny is that President Clinton left office in 2001. Twitter was created in 2006. Hillary must think that we, American citizens, are complete idiots. Even after the elections over a year ago, she still lies or relies on half-truths! Sheesh.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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