No mater how hard I try I just cannot understand who hijacked the Democratic Party or what in the world happened to it, because what we have now is not the party I grew up believing in and supporting for 40 years. I was three years old when Franklin D. Roosevelt became President and watched him lead the Party and the county and do all he could to help us recover from the Great Depression and when was started he made decisions that led us to victory at the end.

He was followed by Harry Truman and there we had a president who spoke his mind and spoke the truth and was big enough to make decisions that had to be made and he stuck by them. Now we have had eight years of Obama who could not tell the truth if his life depended on it and when he made a Red Line in the Sand he promptly forgot about it. He traveled the world over apologizing for mistakes that the United States of America never made and bowing to every Muslim Dictator and two-bit official of any Muslim county who would allow him to visit for he was the first Black President of the United States of America. But the fact is he is only half-black as his mother was a white woman from the state of Kansas. That must make Kansas very proud to be the home state of the mother of the President.

Now we have a President who is attempting to follow through on the campaign promises he made and we find that the leading Senator of the Democratic Party, Mr. Schumer, says, “We will fight him every step of the way.” Now when you have friends like Chucky Schumer you really don’t need enemies. Then we have Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Watters and Nancy Pelosi, boy what a hand to draw to.

We have millions of citizens out of work and millions more on food stamps because they can’t find a job and we have 11 million illegals to contend with because they are here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Now I can remember my family moving to California from Oklahoma in 1941 and we did the same jobs the illegals are doing and were happy to have the work. We picked cotton, grapes, oranges, figs, tomatoes and worked in the packing houses and irrigated the fields when it was needed and anything else that brought in a daily wage. Of course then we didn’t have easy access to food stamps and Section 8 housing allowance but I never went hungry or had to sleep in a car because we always rented a house. Now maybe it wasn’t the best in town but it kept us warm and dry.

Now I am not all that satisfied with the Republican party but I believe in Donald Trump and his “Draining the Swamp.”

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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