At the present time if I was a member of the Democratic Party I would be forced to go to a barber shop to get a shave as I could not look myself in the face with the party being in such disarray following the Hillary loss to Donald Trump. They are grasping at straws to find something to blame Trump for and so far Donald is squeaky clean and it is driving them over the edge.

Having grown up during the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt I thought the Democratic party was the party of the working people. At that time President Hoover was thought of as the reason for the depression and the stock market crash in the United States while we later found out that was not the case. After Roosevelt brought the federal government into the effort to stimulate the economy, the Democrats saw they could buy votes with federal money and here we went.

Herbert Hoover being elevated to the office of President of the United States was in the same category as Barack Obama, as neither of the men was educated for the office. Hoover had a degree in geology and worked many years as a mining engineer and spent many years in China, while Obama’s main claim to fame was as a Community Organizer teaching poor people and bums how to get their hands deeper in the public pocket book. It was political correctness which tilted the bar in his favor, as he didn’t seem to be a threat the way Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton appeared along with Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Threat made Barack the Golden Boy to the left, and they are still worshiping at his alter.

The Democrats cannot stand it because Obama spent eight years telling the world what a terrible people we are and apologizing for our using so much of the world’s resources to build a world economy that is the envy the world over and now here comes this upstart Donald Trump having the audacity to say “America First,” and believing it. At least Donald has not gone over to Saudi Arabia and bowed down to the King. He is a rich man with no shame as far as they are concerned. Everyone should share the wealth whether they have ever earned a dime or done a days work, they all deserve a decent level of living according to the Democrats. Horse pucky.

It is just interesting to watch Republicans jockey for position against Trump as he threatens the lush conditions they have built up for themselves over the years along with their Democratic buddies. From their first day in office they are running for reelection as they want to be career politicians and spend the rest of their life in office. Look at our Republican Senator Roy Blunt, he has his entire family employed as lobbyists in one form or another riding the Gravy Train to retirement. As for our Democratic Senator I wouldn’t trust her any further that I would Obama or Blunt. Follow the money trail. Remember the black politician down in the south, he had cold cash as he took his bribe money and hid it in his freezer.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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