Can you remember when JRK was our president? We were all so proud of the fine young man for our President. He told the people they must keep each other honest and self motivated to do the best they could. He expected everyone to look out for each other, no matter color, gender or nationality. Our duty was to see everyone be responsible and good.

When he got shot, I was 24 years old and working for a machinery company at 2425 Jefferson in Kansas City. A man and I were working on a survey drill and heard it on the radio. I looked at him and I saw tears in his eyes, and I’m sure he saw tears in mine too. That man was not greedy but he wanted the best for all of us, and our world.

Why did they kill him? Maybe to get Vietnam war cause the rich always needed more money. Now what? If only we could have kept going as we were, wouldn’t we have shined?

Wm Leroy Elwood


P.S. Maybe our ladies are better qualified and not as greedy. Look at Time 1-29-18 The Avengers.

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