The U.S. has a long history of hate, prejuding people and blaming people. Starting with the African Americans, Natives, us women, Catholics and Jews and continuing with today’s blatant dislike of us LGBTQ people, Moslems, Hispanics, immigrants and people who have had abortions.

In between, don’t forget we brought the Chinese here to build our railroads for slave labour, locked up our Japanese Americans during World War II and went on a witch hunt for Communists and Socialists for six decades. White even turned on white immigrants if they were a shade darker, spoke a different language or had a different religion–starting with the Irish, and then following up with the Italians, Poles, Russians, Armenians and Hungarians. Even the aged, overweight people and people with disabilities are discriminated against by some.

Instead of supporting an administration which has a hate-centered agenda, we need to all respect each other, accept each other and live and let live. Thanks.

Angela Shipp

Castro Valley, CA