I just learned of the passing of Bill Browning. He was one of my favorite people! I don’t know if many of you knew him because Bill was pretty low-key. You would never know by talking to him that he was one of America’s heroes and that’s sad. We need more heroes like Bill Browning.

My daughter, Kathie Bishop Truitt, loved visiting with Bill. Kathie and Jay lived near Norborne, MO, where Bill was raised. Kathie always had questions about Bill’s military career and he would answer her, but he didn’t elaborate-he just answered her questions. But Kathie was persistent enough to catch on that Bill was more than an enlisted man. After much prodding he told her where he flew (if it wasn’t a secret) and who he flew (if it wasn’t a secret) and when he flew (if it wasn’t a secret). Bill didn’t do much bragging! But Kathie came away impressed with the man.

Bill Browning wasn’t a close friend of mine, but he was a friend. He always spoke, he always had time to visit, he always asked about my Bill’s health and often asked about Kathie. I used to tell him he got a jewel when he was courting Linda Wynes and he agreed with me. My condolences to Linda and the girls.

Lynda Bishop

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