I have been having a little fun watching how many of the Democrats have been reacting to the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation hearing. Some sources say that Democrat politicians have hired people to interrupt the hearings. Regardless, in my opinion, they are acting like a bunch of two-year-olds not getting their way. Sorry, I may be insulting the two-year-olds.

I certainly hope that the Republicans take advantage of this and use clips of these reactions during their campaigns. I certainly wouldn’t want my kids to see these people as role models. I wouldn’t want to see the Republicans react in the same way during difficult times, though I am sure it has happened before.

Another thing I find disturbing are the protests. It ticks me off when it comes to blocking traffic or violence, but many of these protesters who claim to be “earth-friendly” can trash the protest areas with the worst of them.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs