On Dec. 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the United States of America without a declaration of war and many people thought we might be invaded at any moment but that invasion never came. Japan was not ready to try to occupy the USA. This is not true of others who look at the wealth of our nation and want their share of it.

Another nation does want to occupy our country and have worked at that end for many years and think that now is the right time to finish the job. With the help of Political Correctness and the Democratic Party they are making a concerted effort to put millions of foreign nationals and their families over our borders to occupy the USA.

With anywhere from 11 million to perhaps 25 million already here and more on the way this is a major invasion for this country to cope with. Mexico has the largest number of invaders but the other Central and South America countries are now making their push. It is said that between nine and 10 percent of the people born in Mexico now live in the United States.

All the blame cannot be put on the Democratic Party for both the Democrats and the Republican Party have “kicked the can” down the road and left the job for someone else to cope with. During Ronald Reagan’s time in office, they gave amnesty to three million illegal persons and then failed to close the loop-holes so what did we get, the millions that we now have looking for the same things the three million got, and a lot of people want to give it to them.

With the election of President Trump and the misguided people who were so passionate for Hillary to be the first female President, the ground was laid to attack Trump for any and all excuses from Maxine Watters to Nancy Pelosi and even the slightest excuse they could use was the order of the day for the Far Left.

Now we come to the illegal’s who come to our border and bring their small children and cry about how afraid they are to remain in their own county so let us in so we can raise our children in peace and harmony without fear and if you don’t you are a racist people and not worthy of being a great nation.

Hey people, stay at home and make a change in our own country as we made the change in ours. If you are brave enough to pay some coyote thousands of dollars and travel eighteen hundred miles through hostile country with a small child then you don’t have enough fear to bring your problems and lay them on our door step and expect us to let you in and give you bed and board to build yourself a new life. We have problems enough to provide help to the native born citizens without solving the problems of the entire world.

If you can’t come through a legal port of entry, then expect to be immediately returned to the part of the world that you came from.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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