By now, many of us have heard about Sarah Sanders being asked to leave a Red Hen restaurant because she worked for President Trump. Apparently, other family members were there. Most of us heard that she had got up and left. End of story. However, Mike Huckabee, her father, stated otherwise. He shared that after Sarah and her husband left for home, the rest of her family also got up and went to another restaurant across the street. It was said that the owner and a group of people followed them and yelled at them, causing a scene.

In other news, an employee from Chik-Fil-A came to the rescue of a choking customer, using the Heimlich Maneuver. He did not ask if he was Democrat, Republican, conservative, progressive, transgender, or any of those questions that seem to polarize us. He did what he felt he needed to do.

I can only guess that if Red Hen had a choking incident, the employees would dig through his pockets looking for his voter identification card before they offered any help.

The division in this country is pathetic. I’m afraid things are going to get ugly.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs